Mixing a batter counts as an arm workout, right? …

imageIt only occurred to me as I was actually baking the Coffee and Walnut Cake that this was my first time making a cake by myself! Of course I’d been a helping hand whilst my mother made cupcakes (but that probably just meant sprinkling hundreds and thousands all over the kitchen work top). So, I was just happy it turned out edible!

I had planned on going to the gym on Saturday morning, but somehow ended up making a cake – total polar opposites; although my family were happy with the choice I made!! Thank god it’s autumn and I can hide under jumpers again.


I followed a Waitrose recipe and was so happy with how simple and tasty it turned out; beats any shop-bought version!

Sorry for all the explanation marks there – the sugar rush after this cake made me excited…


Holiday: new culture and many firsts

When I heard I was going to a Spanish Island I knew straight away I wanted to eat lots of seafood (because duh) and try paella. P1110574On our first night I fulfilled this! Found the perfect restaurant – it was perched high up in the mountains, giving us a spectauclar view from our seats.

I can’t believe I haven’t had paella before – I love it!!! I tried traditional paella – which is a mix of meat and seafood. Very authentic and traditional. It was a collection of all my favourites: chicken, prawns and mussels.

It’s so filling, making it an ultimate comfort food for me in the future; it certainly beats a takeaway pizza!

Can’t wait to try and make this now I’m back home!!!!

smashing start to the day

photo 4

Get it – smashing….smashed avocado! No?

Well what better way to begin a day than with a superfood! I can’t seem to escape avocados – instead of fighting it, I’ve joined ranks with the healthy eaters!

It’s so versatile in its presentation – although personally I actually think it looks best when smashed on a slice of toast! (side note: you gotta get good bread in when you’re eating avocado – mines from our local farmers market – oh so fancy!)

Some of my favorite meals encompassing avocado are boiled egg mixed with smashed avocado, avocado and streaky bacon, baked eggs with avocado (my latest discovery – will most likely do a post on this soon), with a poached egg or simply smashed  (add a sprinkle of chilli flakes if posting to social media) Hmm it seems I’m going with a breakfast theme here – I guess that’s an excuse to incorporate it into my lunch and dinners more! Any great recipes you know of?                                 ….oh I forgot probably the most known use of avocado: guacamole! Guacamole is super easy to make – tried it for the first time only this weekend; homemade always beats shop-bought…or mine will, I’ve just got to tone down the chilli flakes I added last time!!


Summer has finally begun (at last!)

I’m not sure about the rest of England or the World, but in London the heat wave this week signifies the long-awaited begining of summer!

So i thought this tart/quiche was the perfect recipe to get into the summer mood!

When you live in England you start to forget what the heat feels like….!

So keeping the summer theme going: cherry tomatoes and asparagus – screams picnic vibe! Which this would be perfect for! The pastry makes it light, so you’re not left feeling poggy – something that we all want to avoid once bikini season is upon us….I can’t wait to discover new summer recipes; it’s so much easier to get healthy in the heat!

Get prepared Londoners for the 30 degrees this wednesday – maybe make this recipe for your lunch in the park!

image (1)

Ethos Food Review

I’d heard of this restaurant whilst stalking my favourite food blogs. Although I went a few months ago, by now I’m sure most healthy-food-lovers will have heard of this place – it seems to be the latest ‘it’ place for food – I can’t escape reviews for it!

I’d gone to a restaurant that used the same concept before (Tibits) which I enjoyed also so I was eager to see how Ethos would make itself stand out.

Instantly, Ethos is unique due to its interior; it has trees inside, making you completely forget the concrete labyrinth surrounding you. Such scenery reflects the food – natural and unprocessed. It seems crazy to think just around the corner, a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube, you gain peace and quiet and get to escape the undesirable crowds of shoppers. Basically, it’s an ideal location. The best of both worlds – allowing you to do your shopping and have a place to stop and rest. (Yes, shopping can be that exhausting!)

While you are no longer overwhelmed by the masses of people this feeling is soon directed at the choice of food. Yet this time the feeling is welcomed. With so many different dishes there’s something everyone will enjoy, making it the ideal place to meet up with friends!

Forget being restricted to a menu. The beauty in Ethos’ concept is that you can choose what and how much of that dish you have. So healthy for once you don’t feel guilty about taking seconds!

Here’s the address for those I convinced: 48 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX

….now it really is a GOOD Friday!

Happy Easter!

Any occasion in which it has become tradition to eat LOTS of chocolate, as well as a good ol’ roast I am a FAN of!


Aren’t these mini cakes from Konditor and Cook the cutest?! (Side note: their curly wurly cakes are legendary – I seriously recommend!)

Hope you all have a great Easter with family and friends – be sure to eat lots of lovely food!

Goldilocks and the three bears

photo (5)photo 1 (5)Just googled it and there is in fact a National Porridge Day! (October 10th FYI – don’t worry it leaves you with plenty of time to plan!!)

So to those who argue that porridge in no way could be as fun or tasty as more popular favourites like Pancake Day, along with majority of #️⃣BREAKFAST posts you see on instagram, I will prove otherwise! Often thought of as bland or just a staple meal, porridge has been made a trendy breakfast thanks to food bloggers and health fanatics.

I have to admit, I’ve made sure to create variety in my servings of porridge, experimenting with different topping. I thought I’d share photos of a few of my favourite combos: Deliciously Ella’s creamy coconut porridge (definitely check out the recipe from her cookbook) and a recent discovery, I believe, from Mind Body Bowl (bottom picture), which involves melting raspberries while you heat the porridge = total yumminess!

Let me know what’s your favourite toppings…..

photo 1 (6)

“Men cannot live by bread alone” Well said, Gails Bakery

Without sounding like an M&S ad – at Gail’s Bakery bread certainly doesn’t taste like any old bread!

I adore this bakery…even if it is on the pricey side. While I can’t afford to go there as much as I’d like, when I do it means each visit feels all the more special! I treated myself recently to breakfast out, after getting up for an early gym session (shock, horror!) My nearest branch is in Dulwich Village and Gail’s perfectly fits in with the vibe there. It’s always buzzy in there, which is one way they entice you to go in (especially on sunday for a late breakfast!) Dulwich-Village-126-e1374148332823But, their display of goodies is ultimately what draws everyone in!                                                                                                            Unlike when normally eating out for breakfast, Gail’s offers more than just English Breakfast. So it’s a hard choice between the Blueberry Pancakes or Pear & Bircher Museli…even their Bacon Sandwiches are exceptional!   After much deciding I went with the Mushroom Ragu. The description is taken right off their website: a creamy combination of mushrooms and goat’s cheese that’s great for breakfast or lunch. Served on sourdough toast with fried egg and baby spinach.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The portion was so generous, so you feel you’re getting your moneys worth and any hunger is surely conquered! I also had Earl Grey tea and again unlike most cafes they’re far more generous, giving you more than one cup.photo (4)

Unless you couldn’t tell, I’d definitely recommend Gail’s if you live or visiting London and there are loads of branches, so it’s easy to fit into your day!

p.s I forgot to mention – their almond croissant are out of this world – no where else compares!