What’s inside my lunchbox today…


Perhaps it doesn’t look like much of a masterpiece, I’m certainly not claiming it to be. But, my friends always comment on how nice my lunch looks! Although, really I think it’s just down to the fact most people get KFC or a takeaway pizza, which can make anything look healthy!                                                                                                                         Either way, it surprises me they’re so impressed as I always make sure my lunches are super easy and quick to prepare!

So for today…I had a crunchy salad as the bedding and on top went for chicken with celery and walnuts(just trying to make it look fancy) – http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/05/19/7-walnuts-benefits.aspx – although this article proves they don’t just look pretty! I then decided to make it extra tasty by frying some halloumi to have on top. While it sounds sad…I sure was looking forward to my lunch today!


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