Best way to start the day!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

A good way to tempt me to wake up….offer me American Pancakes!

Hands down breakfast is my favourite meal and this one’s a classic! Good ol’ Nigella Lawson came to our aid in whipping up these bad boys!                                           Whats better is my mum actually got Canadian Maple Syrup, which really does make all the difference. I was a very fussy child, so pancakes were the only way to get some dairy in me, meaning pancakes placed a leading role in my diet throught childhood.     I remember on Shrove Tuesday I could easily eat 8 pancakes(!!), allowing me to experiment with a range of toppings.

But, for American Pancakes I always find myself going back to the same combo: Bacon and Maple Syrup (usually with blueberries also, but we didn’t have any in the house). It’s the mixing of salt and sweet – perfect every time!                                 Today I also added banana, which surprising went well – but – do not have raspberries with maple syrup, unfortunately that pancake didn’t work out…

…Good Morning!


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