Restaurant review: BILL’S, NORTHCOTE ROAD

Amongst the wide selection of choice on Northcote Road, on saturday it was Bill’s that most caught our eye…and I certainly don’t regret that decision!photo 1 (1)

I decided to try a ‘Bill’s Green Smoothie’ as I’ve been desperate to try some form of green juice since the buzz began. It didn’t disappoint, my only regret was not ordering a large!

photo 2 (1)As for the food, you know you’ve found a good restaurant when you struggle on picking one meal as they all sound so good. In the end I went with the Duck Pie: slowly braised duck leg with carrot, rich gravy and pearl barley, topped with a buttery mash and smoked Dorset cheddar. It had grabbed my attention since the quick browse of the menu outside – so really I would’ve saved time in my ordering! It was my first time hearing of a pie with something other than beef or chicken, so I was eager to try. The meat was plentiful and perfectly braised. My mum went with the Bill’s green chicken curry, which also received a big thumbs up – but she did say it was very spicy! Not only the taste, but even the way they presented the food was aesthetically pleasing! The waitresses were extremely friendly –  we were given a tin of cookies ‘on the house’. We were overwhelmed by their kindness, usually such generosity is unheard of in London!

All in all a 5/5 – the price for food was fairly priced and the service was excellent! Our hungry stomachs were certainly satisfied and I’ll most definitely be popping in there again!


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