Fallen into the Valentines trap!

I know, I know Valentines is just a consumerism, money-making event nowadays…..but I still couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with it!

I’d bought these cookie cutters at Fortnum&Mason a while ago and Valentines is the perfect time to use them!

I couldn’t think of what else to make – I had tried using them with cookies and gingerbread men, but the dough rose too much, leaving all the shapes unrecognisable!                                                                                                           …So SUGAR COOKIES it was! imageimage

I tried to to make them a bit more interesting, experimenting by crumbling chocolate and nuts on top – worked a treat! While they’re not my favourite baked product, they sure do look cute!

I hope you didn’t try and make too big a deal of today, but that it was filled with love (…and sugary treats – you cannot celebrate valentines unless you have eaten some chocolate!)


2 thoughts on “Fallen into the Valentines trap!

    1. Aha oh wow! Hmm who’ve thought they’re so multifunctional! 😉
      I have a jar of all random shapes collected over the years – originally for my love of gingerbread! But I’ve somehow ended up with more than just the regular man or heart shape….I even have a hedgehog!!

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