Deliciously Ella: Cookbook Review

My mum knows me too well; she got me a vegan/ gluten-free cook book for my birthday! (running joke between us of my attempts to try to be healthy!)

photo 3For anyone who can’t consume gluten/animal products or is on a gluten-free diet – this is perfect for you!

The first recipes I attempted were her Coconut Thai Curry With Chickpeas and for dessert Sweet Potato Brownies. Yes, I did say a vegetable and chocolate combined!                                                                                       It caught my eye for my obsession with both brownies and sweet potatoes, leaving me very intrigued to taste the two together; I never thought I’d hear of a healthy version of a brownie!

It definitely didn’t make me feel as guilty about nearly eating them all in one go…straight out of the baking tin… (2)

I’m eager to experiment with all her other recipes – a good sign – so will post more if I photo 1 (2)try any other’s out!                                                       p.s She’s number 1 on the UK amazon list at the moment too, which should be persuasive if considering buying her cookbook (as usual – mum knows best!)


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