Ethos Food Review

I’d heard of this restaurant whilst stalking my favourite food blogs. Although I went a few months ago, by now I’m sure most healthy-food-lovers will have heard of this place – it seems to be the latest ‘it’ place for food – I can’t escape reviews for it!

I’d gone to a restaurant that used the same concept before (Tibits) which I enjoyed also so I was eager to see how Ethos would make itself stand out.

Instantly, Ethos is unique due to its interior; it has trees inside, making you completely forget the concrete labyrinth surrounding you. Such scenery reflects the food – natural and unprocessed. It seems crazy to think just around the corner, a 5 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube, you gain peace and quiet and get to escape the undesirable crowds of shoppers. Basically, it’s an ideal location. The best of both worlds – allowing you to do your shopping and have a place to stop and rest. (Yes, shopping can be that exhausting!)

While you are no longer overwhelmed by the masses of people this feeling is soon directed at the choice of food. Yet this time the feeling is welcomed. With so many different dishes there’s something everyone will enjoy, making it the ideal place to meet up with friends!

Forget being restricted to a menu. The beauty in Ethos’ concept is that you can choose what and how much of that dish you have. So healthy for once you don’t feel guilty about taking seconds!

Here’s the address for those I convinced: 48 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX


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