smashing start to the day

photo 4

Get it – smashing….smashed avocado! No?

Well what better way to begin a day than with a superfood! I can’t seem to escape avocados – instead of fighting it, I’ve joined ranks with the healthy eaters!

It’s so versatile in its presentation – although personally I actually think it looks best when smashed on a slice of toast! (side note: you gotta get good bread in when you’re eating avocado – mines from our local farmers market – oh so fancy!)

Some of my favorite meals encompassing avocado are boiled egg mixed with smashed avocado, avocado and streaky bacon, baked eggs with avocado (my latest discovery – will most likely do a post on this soon), with a poached egg or simply smashed  (add a sprinkle of chilli flakes if posting to social media) Hmm it seems I’m going with a breakfast theme here – I guess that’s an excuse to incorporate it into my lunch and dinners more! Any great recipes you know of?                                 ….oh I forgot probably the most known use of avocado: guacamole! Guacamole is super easy to make – tried it for the first time only this weekend; homemade always beats shop-bought…or mine will, I’ve just got to tone down the chilli flakes I added last time!!


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